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Meet The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Head Coach - oversees the entire team, training and development of team, passionate about tennis, runs lessons on their own, PTR certified

Certified TTT Coach - passionate about tennis, able to run lessons on their own, USPTA or PTR certified 

  • Level 1 PTR Certification - Foundational knowledge and skills to coach tennis effectively. Health & safety, fundamentals of coaching, athletic development, technical skills for different types of shots, game development, and marketing for tennis programs

  • Level 2 PTR Certification - Enhanced coaching skills for beginner to low intermediate players of all ages. Planning and organizing appropriate tennis activities, applying effective coaching principles, and using techniques to foster player development and self-reflection

  • Level 3 PTR Certification - Advanced coaching credential for those with significant experience and skills coaching tennis. High-level coaching strategies, video analysis, on-court assessment

TTT Coach - passionate about tennis, able to run lessons on their own

Coach's Assistant - take direction from TTT Coach or higher, helps keep lessons organized

Junior Coach - helps run lesson alongside Certified TTT Coach

coach hierarchy-1_edited.jpg

Coaching Hierarchy 

We are expanding!

With resounding success in West Arvada, our sights are set on new horizons. Prepare for an expansion that will bring our exceptional services to the vibrant communities of Broomfield, Westminster, and Superior. 

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Tennis & Pickleball Coaches Needed
Please Contact if interested!
Phone: (720)-299-4552
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