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Tim's Tennis Time

Please fill out the form to the right with your desired start and end date. We prioritize personalized scheduling based on your skill level (see Core Competencies below) to ensure the best possible experience for every player. We understand that each individual has unique abilities and goals, and we aim to tailor our programs accordingly.

Haystack Plateau, Whisper Creek, West Woods

Arvada, CO 80007

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Core Competencies - Summary

Pre-Rally – starting to adopt basic fundamentals with controlling ball on ground, balance and coordination.  Able to do a self-rally but cannot send ball back and forth to partner

Red Ball 3 – can rally with partner without a net, can serve overhand or underhand to correct box, moves in multiple directions and recovers to center, low to high swing path, able to call ball in and out

Red Ball 2 – can rally with a partner with a net, recovers back to center running or shuffling, serves overhand to FH and BH, approach shot and volley combo, split-steps before volley

Red Ball 1 – Rallies crosscourt, down the line and side to side with partner, developing topspin and slice, recovers according to direction of shot hit, circular motion on backswing, develops slice serve, continental grip on serves and volleys, hits approach shot to one side and volley to other

Orange Ball 3 – Rallies to center of court with increased net height, rallies slice FH and BH from service box, hits with square stance on rally and developing open stance on wide balls, serves consistently from both sides, further development of continental grip on serves and volleys, hits OH to left and right

Orange Ball 2 – faster serve and develop spin, developing doubles, lobs over net player and passes down the line, high and low volleys, hits with all stances, more consistent top spin and increased speed

Orange Ball 1 – split-steps on opponents contact, changes speed of rallies for offense and defense, serve to 3 spots (wide, body, and T) hit swing volley on high mid-court ball, drop step and crossover for OH, two at net for doubles and communicates, identify opponents weaknesses, attacks weak 2nd serve on the rise

Green Ball 2 – can hit with depth and direction, topspin angle of wide mid-court balls, (Unit Turn) non-dominant hand on racquet longer, return 1st serve to center of court, hit to open court on 2nd serve return, adjust toss to hit more spin, more pronounced motion on serve

Green Ball 1 – analyzes own performance after a match, utilizes height, spin and speed to keep opponent deep, can adjust backswing based on type of shot, adjusts court position on court for return, comes to net in different ways, effective doubles, (2 up, poach, switch)

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