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Our Mission

At Tim's Tennis Time (TTT), our primary objective is to empower individuals of all ages and skill levels by transforming them into exceptional tennis or pickleball players while cultivating a genuine passion for the sport. We achieve this through unparalleled instruction, constructive feedback, and a relentless focus on repetition to ensure continuous improvement.

However, our mission at TTT extends beyond the surface. We are committed to fostering community engagement, building enduring connections, and nurturing future tennis champions across every level. As a devoted sports enthusiast, I have personally experienced the profound allure of tennis, which encapsulates every aspect one could desire in a game.

Tennis is a timeless pursuit that transcends generations, offering a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

We eagerly anticipate your presence on the court, ready to embark on this incredible journey together!

What our customers are saying

Zoe C.

Wood Creek

"I have had such a blast taking lessons with Tim! He has patiently worked with me to improve my game and technique with a variety of fun exercises and drills. I highly recommend Tim's Tennis Time if you are a beginner or just looking to improve your game."

October 28th

Kim A.

 Westwoods Ranch

"The kids are learning good fundamentals for tennis and more importantly having fun so they enjoy it. I’ve actually decided to join in on the lessons as well so that we all can play as a family."

July 22nd

Bev R.


"Tim is incredible -- time and money well spent. I love how he even makes repetitive task to get a better a game. I am advancing quickly under his smart coaching. LOVE TO RECOMMEND!!"

October 14th

Lori L.


Tim is a great coach, he's been coaching our 11 yr old both in group and a couple private lessons. Our son had very little experience when he started with Tim and his skills have improved considerably from what he's learned from him. I'm way more impressed with Tim than I was with Apex.

June 19th

Jenny A. Spring Mesa

Our family has really enjoyed talking lessons with Tim. My 5, 8, and 13 year old and my husband and I have all taken lessons and we look forward to many more! We all all new to the sport and it's been neat to see Tim teach the sport to us in ways that match our age and ability. My kids loved taking lessons and always felt great on the court during lessons and couldn't wait to come back after.

December 4th

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Wait... What is Pickleball??

Pickleball is the hottest sport taking the world by storm. It's a dynamic fusion of tennis, badminton, and table tennis that guarantees an adrenaline-pumping experience. With a compact court, specialized paddles, and a one-of-a-kind perforated ball, pickleball caters to players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned athlete seeking a fresh challenge or a newcomer ready to embrace the excitement, get ready for fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts. Join us on the court and let the pickleball adventure begin!

Coach Tim's Tennis Journey

I grew up playing tennis and I enjoyed it, but I didn’t really start loving it until I was an adult living in Arvada. Basketball was always my passion, but after my second torn ACL, I knew that I needed to shift gears. I started playing competitively, worked my way to a 4.0 level and I thought that I just wanted to continue to be the best tennis player that I could be. Then there was this other side of me that said you could be a really good coach and you would enjoy this side of it. I’m really glad that I followed that intuition because I started Tim’s Tennis Time (TTT) in 2021 and wouldn’t have really dreamed that it would be what it is today. So, a huge thank you to everyone that has supported TTT and helped it be a successful enterprise.

At the core, I believe in certifications. I feel that if you take time to study the game, it will help you propel forward. Toward the end of 2021, I achieved my PTR Level 1 Certification and recently received my Level 2 Certification. I have found that not everyone can teach tennis. It requires a certain amount of skill and patience. I have also enjoyed how tremendously gratifying it is to teach skills and watch my athletes blossom. I like to hone in on one or two skills during a lesson and find different iterations to master that particular skill. I also find it beneficial to focus on footwork, incorporating specific disciplines such as: coordination, balance, agility, speed and power. Coaching is certainly a challenge, but it is one that I accept with open arms.

I created TTT because one goal is to help everyone that desires become a better tennis or pickleball player. This can be done on a competitive or social level. My second goal is to aide those athletes that aspire to play tennis in college, and with my help, we can make this goal a reality. Trust me when I say it’s not going to be easy. It will take lots of grinding, mental toughness, grit, hard work and perseverance to name a few to bring this goal to fruition. I believe it will also take some setbacks and disappointments but this is where my strength as a coach lies to help build a regimented course with attainable metrics and experience breakthroughs to get to the finish line. I’m thrilled to see you out on the court and thank you for letting me carve your tennis journey.

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